Quillow progress…and a chair

I’m getting there with the Quillow. I’ve recently completed square #4 of #10. I am well aware that this does not make me 40% of the way there, what with the actual quilting part and putting on the border etc, but I’m very excited to be making progress!

Here’s the four of them huddling together on the kitchen floor:

4 squares of Quillow

As well as working on the quillow, and buying all the wool for the crochet blanket, the boyfriend and I recently made the mad decision to reupholster a chair. Silly because 1. we’ve never upholstered a chair before 2. it is a slightly odd shaped chair, and probably not the best place for a novice upholsterer to start.

We started months ago, but I got so cross with it the first weekend we tackled it, that it had to be removed from the flat for some time before I could look at it again. As you can see from the picture below, it is by no means perfect, but with a few extra staples, it should be perfectly fine to live in our flat for a little while longer. It’s the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever done. It’s part of a pair, so we’ll have to do the other one eventually…

Quillow 4