Inspired by Gran

There are so many exciting things I want to write about today, I just don’t know where to begin. I will give some snippets and write fully about them all in due course.

I went home for the weekend and spent a magical (if slightly dusty) time with Grandma taking inspiration from her creative past times and photographing her quillow of inspiration. It’s always been very confusing to me as I’ve never worked out how she packs it so neatly back in to the flap/case, and always manages to get the log cabin block on the outside. Low and behold, this time, I took a thorough look at the make up of the thing and I realise that I’ve been tricked! There is another log cabin block hidden in the flap section so that you can pack it all away and have the log cabin block showing. Years of mystery and failure washed away on a rainy afternoon in November!

Here’s the fabulous quillow in all it’s glory:

quillow out

as a neat little pillow

quillow as pillow

Gran also got out her prized quilting creation, her pyjama case! She is very proud of this as it uses a technique called Japanese paper piecing. And it looks rather fine don’t you think:

japanese paper  quilting

roy courage tag

I like that she sewed in Grampy’s name into it so that it wasn’t ‘borrowed’ by anybody else when he was in hospital, and also that she always signs her creations:


While I’m displaying works of creative genius by Gran, let me show you my beloved cat blanket which has travelled far and wide with me and my friends, keeping us warm wherever we are. Here it is keeping us cosy on the road during our three peaks adventure earlier in the year:

cat blanket en route

All the¬†quilting was done by hand – and that’s one big blanket! And she made three of these, one for my brother, sister and I. Not all covered in multi coloured cats. Somehow my sister got dolphins – hilarious considering she was in her most angry gothic stage of life. Maybe Gran was trying to cheer her up?