I went Stylecraft crazy on Wool warehouse  recently, with the intention of getting all the colours I need for my crochet blanket. Look at all the colours!


Not quite as bright as they are in real life – that red is blinding! It’s far brighter than I expected, so I may have to purchase an alternative shade later down the line. And the light green is a bit, er, I don’t know, the type of shade of wool which made me think I hated crochet when I was younger. It’s almost apple green, but too light. I’m sure that next to the right shade of some other colour it will be fine.

Here’s a shot of some granny squares I’ve made, some more successful than others. Some I love, others are the most hideous things I’ve ever created (again, I don’t think the photo captures the true ugly. I’m looking at the yellow bordered one)!:

granny squares multi

The purple flower ones at the bottom might make it into a cushion cover, but now I’m not so sure how much I like them. But I really like the top left flower square, and think I will definitely make more of those later on.

In the mean time, I’m going to keep making the regular squares in different colours and have a lovely mix and match granny square blanket, with a solid coloured border (probably purple).

And in final woolly news, I’ve started making the knitted dinosaur! So far, I’ve done this tiny amount:

dino pink

You can see all the scribbles of a mad women from when I tried to make it before, but thought I would reduce the size of it. I failed. Turns out it’s much easier to knit something if you just follow the pattern!

Quillow progress…and a chair

I’m getting there with the Quillow. I’ve recently completed square #4 of #10. I am well aware that this does not make me 40% of the way there, what with the actual quilting part and putting on the border etc, but I’m very excited to be making progress!

Here’s the four of them huddling together on the kitchen floor:

4 squares of Quillow

As well as working on the quillow, and buying all the wool for the crochet blanket, the boyfriend and I recently made the mad decision to reupholster a chair. Silly because 1. we’ve never upholstered a chair before 2. it is a slightly odd shaped chair, and probably not the best place for a novice upholsterer to start.

We started months ago, but I got so cross with it the first weekend we tackled it, that it had to be removed from the flat for some time before I could look at it again. As you can see from the picture below, it is by no means perfect, but with a few extra staples, it should be perfectly fine to live in our flat for a little while longer. It’s the most ridiculous thing we’ve ever done. It’s part of a pair, so we’ll have to do the other one eventually…

Quillow 4

I learnt something about quilting!

I was very brave this evening, and got out my quillow fabric. I even used the iron! I was VERY careful about where I put it, and no more floors were damaged. Phew.

So, the last time I worked on my quillow, I was getting in a tangle with my triangles. I couldn’t work out how to make sure that they were all the right size and piece them together neatly. A bit of googling this evening led me to these posts:


This first one is pretty darn obvious once you start doing it. Make sure that every square is the right size after every press! Duh!


And this one taught me the correct size to cut my triangles in the first place. Turns out I didn’t leave a big enough seam allowance. So now I know. The triangles on my quillow for this square will be smaller than planned, but it will look fine.

I am mighty proud of the first half of this square:

half star block

It’s amazing how easily triangles come together with a bit of excess fabric to snip off! Shame my rubbish camera doesn’t take good snaps. It looks good in real life, I promise.

Crochet blanket colours

The plan was to make a blanket inspired by one I had when I was younger. The reality is that I’ve seen lots of pretty blankets on Pinterest and I’m currently in love with daisy flower blankets.

Especially this purple one:

Tillie tulip purple crochet flower

Tillie tulip purple crochet flower


and the blue ones here:

sparkly toad blue

Which I found at https://thesparklytoad.wordpress.com/2014/02/25/granny-square-love/

and then these lovely multi coloured ones:

Color 'n cream Daisy travel blanket

Color ‘n cream Daisy travel blanket


So naturally, I bought some colours, which feature in all of these, but don’t put them together in quite the same way…

Crochet flower square with a lot of GREEN

Crochet flower square with a lot of GREEN

So…I feel that if I keep going like this I will end up with one very green blanket. I’m not sure quite how much I like green in soft furnishings. I’ll make a few more and see how I feel about it. I love how quick granny squares are to make, so it’s not the end of the world if I make a oodles of them in different colour combinations to get the perfect result!

The crafty feeling returned

Unfortunately, my clumsiness also returned. And I ended up burning the carpet with the iron. Urgh. But I am ever so happy with my first two squares of my quillow! I have yet to figure out the best light to photograph in..

quillow square 2

Churn dash

log cabin

log cabin



It was after pinning and starting to sew these snazzy stars together that I started to go a bit mad. I just cannot figure out how to get the triangles to the right size once sewn. I had just about decided to give up on the whole thing and have a cup of tea. But for some reason I decided to push on, and distracted, did not realise where exactly the iron was sat. So the iron burnt a hole in the floor, and now I’m a bit scared of handling hot heavy machinery for the time being. I’ve never liked ironing anyway!!! No, putting things off does not solve the situation so I will be a grown up and buy an ironing board and face up to the giant hole in the floor. And eventually, I will have a lovley quillow, which may be used to cover said hole for a while. 😦

I’ve lost that crafty feeling…

I mislaid my crafting mojo for a few weeks, due to a particularly bad knitting day, which made me unravel all (Well, most) of the knitting work I’d done on my jumper, and ultimately gave me ‘crafter’s block’. Urgh.

We went on a little holiday at the beginning of this month, and had the most gloriously relaxing time on the coast in Norfolk. There were hardly any people, and the cottage we rented was so warm and cosy, I could knit away to my heart’s content without my fingers getting cold. I had big plans for that week. I was going to knit a set amount each night, and by the end of it, I should have had almost the back of my jumper created. And maybe even some granny squares for my blanket made! Sadly, the week did not turn out like that.

In the days before I went away, I had been furiously knitting away, and decided to average about 10 rows per day for the jumper. A do-able and not too scary number for me, knowing what a rubbish knitter I am. Also knowing that if I do too much it makes my wrist hurt. So, there I was, really proud to have got past the annoying ‘knit two purl two’ bit at the start, when I dropped a stitch. I could not, for the life of me, tell where that stitch had gone to, so I made the noble decision to add a stitch at the start of the next row and plough on. Rows and rows in, and it was looking good. A lovely neat selection of stocking stitch. A couple of hiccups hear and there where, somehow, a stitch was dropped but swiftly recovered, and progress was being made.

Then St David’s day happened. Mother and father were invited to stay, and somehow, my lovely knitting work was stopped dead in its stitchy tracks.

There is something about my mother that can ruin dreams. OK, so she started off being a help, as I’d got in a tangle and dropped a stitch a few rows back without noticing, so she kindly stepped in and fixed this issue. Here she is:

Mother being 'helpful'

And I was happily knitting away, regaling her of my tales of knitting, when she whipped hers out and started power knitting at a million miles an hour. She laughed at my slow rate of knitting and basically destroyed my knitting joy bubble, and my knitting calm was gone. Good bye knitting mojo. Thanks Mum!

But she has form here. Mother was the second person who tried to teach me to knit and failed miserably. It was during that summer that I realised that she wanted to replace me with my brother’s (then) girlfriend. She learned to knit in a day, finished her scarf by the end of the summer holidays, and I was still concentrating really hard in the corner, holding my yarn super tight for fear of losing stitches. Mother stood around downing gin and wetting herself laughing. Pah!

I valiantly plodded on, but something had disrupted my calm knitting brain, and things started going wrong left right and centre. It got very bad and there were too many holes to continue with, so I gave in and untanlged the work. It was satisfying and soul destroying in equal measures, so I hid it in a bag under the bed when I got home.

I suppose it’s not really true that it gave me crafters block, the other thing that put a dampner on things was that I almost finished my pj bottoms, but I made them in a gigantosize (I don’t like tight pj’s)! They actually fit the boyfriend, but I don’t think he wants purple gingham pajamas. It’s OK though as I can reduce and rectify, but I also did something to my sewing machine and now I can’t get the tension right. I need a craft fairy godmother to come and put me right!

Or, I’ll just give myself a stern talking to.

And actually, it’s not quite as bad as I thought, as I have also made a toil of my pencil skirt, so I just need to figure out how to adjust it to make it fit.

Here’s the proof:

Pencil skirt round 1

Pencil skirt round 1

More on this later, once I figure out what to do with it.

So that’s it. ‘Loosing my craf-ligion (as in ‘Losing my religion’) part  will follow shortly, with a ridiculous event that made me weep. Because I am so stupid sometimes.

12 months 12 projects: Update

I’ve finally had a moment of clarity and realised that I can’t get all of my 12 projects complete by August, because it’s just not realistic for me. So I’ve had a good think, and have come up with this list of things which seems perfectly do-able to me:

1. Make my own Quillow

Here’s my post about the Quillow of joy.

2. Knit a cushion cover

3. Knit a hat based on a TV character

COMPLETE FEB 2015 – Tyrese’s hat. It kinda honours his memory now though, sob.

4. Crochet baby booties

5. Sew some PJ’s

6. Crochet a blanket out of Granny squares 

7. Knit a dinosaur

8. Sew a pencil skirt

9. Sew a Dress

10. Knit a  jumper

11. Make a mini quilt featuring ‘flying geese’

12.Make something cosy with hexagons

So there we have it, a new list.