Putting quilt making lessons into practise

I am half way through making quilt number 2, and as I haven’t written a blog post in ages, it seems like a good time to reflect on what I wrote before.


I have done a bit more planning this time round. I had seen all these lovely triangle quilts on Instagram and Pinterest and wanted one for myself. But even when narrowed down to triangle themed, there are so many ways of doing it! I love a flying geese one, but I figures half squares would be the quickest route this time.

I think I’ve ended up with a combination of these two ideas:

Fun multicoloured

Minimalist three coloured

I also knew it was going to be for my bedroom but I didn’t want it to be too matchy, so I’ve gone for blues, greys, whites and blacks (the bedroom is blue and white).

I can’t remember buying the fabric, but I must have got a few bits out of my (small) stash, and a bit of online shopping for a nice Christmas present for myself.

Although I didn’t quite manage to buy enough in total, in contrast to last time, I actually cut all the triangles out before I started sewing this time as they’re all the same!


Ummmm….I’m still into ‘getting on with it’ instead of carefully measuring  to start, I have to admit! I started cutting out in December using a triangle template made of an old cereral box. So there was an element of keeping everything the same size. But I don’t think I used a ruler, most likely because that involved walking upstairs and I’d already lad out my fabrics in the living room. Lazy.

As I hadn’t measured the triangles initially, when I was ready to get sewing I set about squaring them up and  measuring them so that the final triangles would be 9.5inches square. Unfortunately, I always forget that I need a bit of extra seam allowance for triangles, so they are a bit tight in places, but now that I’ve written down this lesson I will remember this for next time.

Buy enough fabric to start with

Almost, but didn’t quite achieve this.

I cut out as much fabric as I thought I had and thought it was right. But this time, instead of just going ahead an sewing, I actually laid it out on the bed to check if it would cover it. Lo and behold, it did not!

So I bought a few more items of fabric (giving me the chance to explore a new fabric shop in Canterbury) I cut out some more triangles and tested it out again:

triangle quilt top bed

Deciding on the final placement of the triangles was even less glamorous: my lovely fabric got was arranged all over the living room floor. The cat was most confused.

I get very excited by the prospect of making exciting new things, so I go straight for buying exciting fat quarters of anything that looks pretty and might work for the quilt I’m planning. It seems that I don’t quite manage to plan for backing or binding, as they require some actual thought, which seems too much to ask at the beginning!

I’m not at binding stages just yet, but I will need to buy this soon so that I don’t get to the binding point and realise I don’t have anything to bind with. I have at least decided on what colours I will bind with. I guess sometimes you can’t know what to choose until you see the almost finished quilt top.

While I’m at it, I’ll buy some backing fabric in either light blue or grey.

And then to decide on the actual quilting. But that’s something for another day.