Things I’ve learned about quilt making


I have finished my first quilt and am feeling julibant. I am also feeling the need to jot down the things I’ve learned so that next time I make a quilt, I can avoid making the same mistakes again, and potentially move a little faster with the making process. One can dream…

  1. Planning

I have these ideas and I just want to get cracking. I then love the idea and just want to get it done. In between ‘idea’ and ‘cracking’ I need to properly plan. I think if I had a pattern or any real meaurements to start with, I might have ended up with a quilt that was created in less than 2 years and also some squares which were of the same size. However, I love the finished quilt and quite like the jauntiness of it. But, if everything had been planned from the start, I would have spent less time avoiding the making side of things and umming and aaahhhing. But I knew I would be like this. I did technically have a pattern to start with (Gran’s quillow) but I spent ages changing my mind about certain blocks. Again, advance planning.

2. Measure

Very much linked to the above. Had I had a real plan to start with, I would have measured the size of each potential block and then cut out the pieces for each block accordingly.

This would also help to avoid the additional hand sewing I had to do as the seams on some patches were quite small and needed reinforcing to stop them becoming gaping hles. Had I measured in the first place, it wouldn’t be an issue.

3. Buy enough fabric to start with

Again, if I had planned and measured, I would have plenty of fabric. As it stands, I need to get a smidgeon more navy blue fabric for the binding of the quilt. I would have been finished last week had I been clever from the start!

So all in all I have learned the value of planning.

I have really enjoyed making this quilt and feel quite smug snuggling up under it on the sofa. I am also now planning (see, I’m learning!) my next quilt(s).

Quilt final details.

Size: 58″ X 58″

Materials used

All in all I used:

x2 fabric packs of Carolyn Gavin Petite Fleur Poppies in Navy Carolyn Gavin Petite Fleur Poppies in Navy organic Windham fabric from Eclectic Maker.

About 4 metres of moda bella solids in navy.

Medium weight wadding from fabric land.

A fair new spools of navy blue thread.

Date started: April 2015?

Date finished: August 2016