Christmas in August?

August is here, the sun is shining, and the craft room is getting full.

The quillow is steadily being hand basted (people keep telling me that I could have it sent away to be quilted, but what would the point in that be?! Maybe in the future when I have some spare pennies, and don’t fancy hours and hours of hand stitching. It is a challenge.)

The cardigan is still making me scared, which is very silly.

I have multiple items in the craft room to complete. Story of my life.

What I did make recently was some festive bunting, because who doesn’t love a it of Christmas in summer right? I went along to Tea & Tents, a Women’s Institute festival near Nottingham recently. There was a competition to decorate your campsite, so we went with Christmas. Yeay! There were gaudy decorations, a santa outfit and even Secret Santa. I made some little Santa bunting, because I had no clue what to purchase for the Secret Santa.

So here he is enjoying my fireplace and log basket:

santa on fire

and the back

candy canes

See that bronze horse? We found him down the back of the chimney when we were giving the fireplace a clean. That was a pleasant surprise during a very dirty job!