Quilting progress

So the quilt top got stitched together to make an (almost) square, and I squeezed another (almost) square out of the remaining navy and red cotton I had…

And I basted it together and started to stitch, starting in the middle:

Quillow central block

Which is all very nice, but my goodness, hand stitching is hard work. Especially as I recently shortened some curtains, again by hand. Yawn. And in the summer weather, sitting with a big quilt on me is hot work! So Ms Quillow has been enjoying laying on the blanket box, which almost hides how ugly it is:

blanket box quilt cover

The only issue with this is that  every now and then a pin falls out or the cat decides to jump on it and gets a nasty surprise. You’d think he would learn.

And on the left hand side is my one armed cardigan. Progress!

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