I can’t say the name of this cardigan pattern without thinking of ‘Cold Feet‘. Annoying!

Aside from the name of the pattern,  I like it. Having knitted one sleeve, am somewhat avoiding starting the next one as as some point while transporting the knitting about I managed to drop the stitches. Am keeping my fingers crossed that I managed to pick them all back up and don’t end up having one arm thinner and holier than the other. Anyhoo, here I am so far…

Not sure if the sleeve is a little short. Doesn’t look too bad in the pictures, but maybe because the boy is very tall so it could be the angle. Will knit the next sleeve and see how we go.

Quilting progress

So the quilt top got stitched together to make an (almost) square, and I squeezed another (almost) square out of the remaining navy and red cotton I had…

And I basted it together and started to stitch, starting in the middle:

Quillow central block

Which is all very nice, but my goodness, hand stitching is hard work. Especially as I recently shortened some curtains, again by hand. Yawn. And in the summer weather, sitting with a big quilt on me is hot work! So Ms Quillow has been enjoying laying on the blanket box, which almost hides how ugly it is:

blanket box quilt cover

The only issue with this is that  every now and then a pin falls out or the cat decides to jump on it and gets a nasty surprise. You’d think he would learn.

And on the left hand side is my one armed cardigan. Progress!