Every night IS craft night…

Now that I have a dedicated craft room!

OK, it’s a spare bedroom, but it has ample space for my sewing machine to live and all of my sewing and knitting books to be arranged on the shelves. Hurray! There are some perks to becoming a home owner. The perks don’t cancel out the fear of the house falling down, but it makes it all worth while. And I have a view of horses in the field from my sewing room window. Lovely.

Tonight I have just finished making a toile of V8766 and learning about fit with Lynda Maynard’s ‘Sew the perfect fit’ on Craftsy. Lynda makes everything feel quite straight forward and do-able. I think I’ve even identified the first set of issues with my toile and am not afraid to put them right.

v8766  back view

You can’t see from the pic, but the sleeves are too¬†wide at the shoulder and need bringing in, and there is a bit of drag on my ass, so more fabric is required there. The bust points are a tad high, so I will be taking them down a smidgeon. I can’t tell if it’s bad pinning (my assistant is not an enthusiastic assistant) or if there is way too much fabric on the side seams. I will take the dress home to mother and see if she can assist.

So there we have it, new home, new dress attempt. Once I’ve figured out my fit issues, I will return to the beloved Emery and make the dress of my dreams. Oh yes I will!