Emery dress

Here we are, the pattern I have been reading about for so long, and finally got round to ordering.

It’s so exciting! And yet potentially frustrating, but I’m working on channelling that into ‘joy of learning’. I went to the shop last weekend and bought myself some tracing paper and a tracing wheel, so that I could make myself a nice copy of the pattern and make many, as it seems to be a pattern which I could make loads of, once I’ve figured out the fit.

I traced and cut out my pattern pieces on Saturday, whizzed them together yesterday, and have been ‘fitting’ today. I say ‘fitting’, but it’s quite hard to fit with the only person available to pin me into the dress is my dearly beloved. Hater of pins, hater of potentially pinning my skin! Still, he made a good start at learning to pin me in, and only made the back of the dress look partially like a crumpled¬†piece of paper:


Emery back 1

It’s very tight at the waist, which I suppose is making the rest of the back scrunch up: I¬†should have graded the waist out to fit the larger size of the bottom half. Hopefully if that’s sorted it will be less bunched up. And also that my lessons in pinning with be remembered tomorrow…

Here it is from the front:


OK, well the fit isn’t a million miles off. The bust darts are too long by an inch, so I have now taken them out and re drawn them ready for testing tomorrow.

There is a large seam allowance, so I’m wondering if I could take that out and see if that makes a difference to the waist and back sagging? Who knows, let’s find out.

I will add in a sleeve tomorrow too. This will be my first sleeve insertion, so that should be fun!