Zipperdy da ba dy do!

I have conquered my fear of zips, and (almost) successfully inserted a zip. I consulted the little guide on my sewing machine, I changed to the correct foot, and away I sewed!

zippy 1

I have looked upon many zip-insertion tutorials, but in the end I used this one from craftsy, as it was the first to appear on google this arvo:

And it worked just fine, for a test run skirt.

Yes, the zip doesn’t do up that smoothly,  because I skipped over the ironing of the zippy teeth, but when I actually intend to make a wearable skirt then I will follow that step.

Here’s the skirt (unhemmed):

skirt 2

Come summer I could quite happily wear it on a sun-shiney day, once re-zipped and shortened. Not sure how short I’ll take it, probably just above the knee. But for today, I am happy to have learned to insert a zip, gathered a waist, and stitched in the ditch. Hurray!


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