Zipperdy da ba dy do!

I have conquered my fear of zips, and (almost) successfully inserted a zip. I consulted the little guide on my sewing machine, I changed to the correct foot, and away I sewed!

zippy 1

I have looked upon many zip-insertion tutorials, but in the end I used this one from craftsy, as it was the first to appear on google this arvo:

And it worked just fine, for a test run skirt.

Yes, the zip doesn’t do up that smoothly,  because I skipped over the ironing of the zippy teeth, but when I actually intend to make a wearable skirt then I will follow that step.

Here’s the skirt (unhemmed):

skirt 2

Come summer I could quite happily wear it on a sun-shiney day, once re-zipped and shortened. Not sure how short I’ll take it, probably just above the knee. But for today, I am happy to have learned to insert a zip, gathered a waist, and stitched in the ditch. Hurray!

Sock knitting

I had just realised that I’d made a huge error with my cable knit jumper and had to give it up. I wanted to keep knitting, but didn’t want to take on another big project, so I went to the mothership for some knitting inspiration.

Ma and I had a rummage through the under the stairs cupboard/ wool depository and (amongst many other things) found that she’d started to make some socks with some incredibly jazzy yarn.

We also discovered a few half knitted hats, gloves, and this almost finished cardigan:


All it has missing is the buttons, and who needs buttons anyway?

It’s made of some chenille type multi coloured wool which is both hideous and wonderful at he same time. It’s nice and warm so I wore it to work a few times, and it’s a regular house cardi when my other big jumper’s in the wash. Win!

I’d never really considered making socks, but thought it was about time I have sock making a try. My slipper socks for the house had worn thorugh and it was a few months until I got a new pair for Christmas, so I had nothing to loose by giving it a try. Not that I  haven’t made socks before, oh no. I am well used to making teeny tiny Christmas socks, or ‘stockings’ if you will. Pattern can be found here I also once filled one with a tiny animal, knitted from this lovely pattern. Mine never end up looking like animals more like aliens. But they’re still ever so cute! Anyway, back to the sock in hand, or should I say ‘foot’?

So, we found mum’s half finished sock, and despite the fact she gave up on the pattern (she couldn’t remember why), she reckoned that it would be a good place for me to start with socks. On reflection, I think she was secretly trying to sabotage by knitting again!

I started knitting in October, and was thoroughly enjoying myself, knitting backwards and forwards in insanely bright colours. I got to the ‘divide for heel’ bit, where she gave up, and got confused. I think this is what may have occurred with ma, but it might be that she was blinded by the glaring oranges and pinks. I did not give up though,  I merely tool a break for some festive making. Garlands and donkeys and so on. And a applying for and accepting job offers,  hurray!

So, I have got past the confusion and have just spent a lovely evening turning the heel and am now about to start the instep. I was beginning to think that my knitting pattern is much more clever than I am, and it assumes that I know what it’s talking about when it says ‘with rs facing, rejoin yarn to instep puck up and knit 12 St evenly along side edge of heel…” but on second reading, it just expects me to slowly read all of the instructions before going ahead and throwing the knitting across the room. If knitting has taught me one thing, it’s the importance of careful reading!

I also had to put the sock on to really understand what it’s getting at. Looking at the sock flat it looks like I’ve made a massive error. However, I compared my sock to my xmas gift ones and I think I understand…



All I have to do now is finish the toe and sew it up, and I’ll have one sock. Hurray for holidays!