So, I never did make my ’30 in 30′ list, but I did not stop creating. Oh No. I did not complete my jumper either. I got to the arm hole shaping on the second attempt and discovered that somehow I’d managed to cast on the wrong number of stitches at the very beginning. So it all got destroyed, again.

I will not let this phase me, oh no. I am going to knit a jumper in 2016. I will. Or possibly a cardigan. And it’s going to be in light pink or flecked red. Maybe I will surprise myself and make both.

In the last part of 2015 I had plenty to keep me going: I 80’s-ed up a little black dress (Ok so I just made a bow out of some bright pink velour, but it worked!)

80s bow

I also made myself an apron, and not just any apron, a maid’s apron for a ‘Rocky Horror Show’ outfit. It took mere less than an hour and I am very impressed with myself. Note that both costumes revolved around the LBD and crimped hair.

rocky pinny

I did have some knitting success with this little donkey, which I made for a craft night Secret Santa:

little donkey

And I also crocheted some bunting for my Book Group Secret Santa

festive bunting

It is hung on my friend’s book shelf underneath the bunting I made her last year as I had some finishing touches to do before gifting. Nothing saying Secret Santa like last minute crafting!

And finally, the quilt really is in the final stages…

quilt dec 2015

All top squares and the front panel are complete. I have four more days off work so if I am feeling less gross tomorrow (post Christmas cold, bleurgh) I will get the top finished and on to backing, woo!

Rough sewing plans for 2016 are: Sew a dress. Any dress! But preferably the Christine Haynes Emery dress, which every other person in the whole world has made and looks wonderful wearing.

And knit a jumper. And stop making small knitted animals because all I really want is a nice dress and a jumper!!!