Adventures in wool

Now that I’m getting more confident in knitting (well, I’m not doing too badly at present….) I thought I’d get and learn some more about it.

I just tend to keep using the DK wool I have as it’s relatively cheap and easy to work with. But with my grand designs on knitting up my own personal wardrobe, I am beginning to think that I should perhaps branch out a bit. Although I don’t want to start spending a fortune on wools I’m not going to use. I have a lot of wool to use already. But I have plans for that. Autumn 2015 is all about stash busting!

So this is here for my future reference. Happy blog scrapbook!

Cable knit jumper

I’ve found the pattern at last! I had a lovely evening yesterday knitting in bed with Melvin Bragg entertaining through my ears. Hurrah for knitting and learning!