It’s finally happened. I have created a monster. Literally.

Here he is enjoying my 30th Birthday party:

Dino likes to party

Dino likes to party

Dino face

Dino face

Not the greatest shots but I’d only just finished him in time to gift him to my friend for her Birthday, so took these snaps before she was about to leave for home. I am very proud that I’ve finished him – he’s bigger than any of us expected, despite the fact that I read the ‘finished measurements’ recently. While he’s not quite as dinosaury as I had hoped he would be, but he’s a jolly little fellow, and my friend likes him, so that’s a win!

In the end I did need some assistance with the neck ruff, and even with mum’s expert advice, we could not work out how to do the picot edging for the green spikey bit, so I used felt instead. As I was knitting up to the wire, I got mum involved with the horns too. She loves to assist with my knitting.

I am now so excited to start another knitting project, and I think it will be my jumper. Yeay!!!

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