Quillow cutting – done!

I’ve had an exhausting day, failing to figure out how to improve the fit on my pencil skirt, and giving up all hope on making anything wearable this year. Maybe dress making is a step too far for me right now. Especially as I’ve finally figured out how the quillow will look when it’s done. I’ve always known it would be very similar to Gran’s, but there were a few blocks I didn’t like. I had various ideas about alternatives, but until now I haven’t gotten around to planning which ones to go with. So, as per usual, with a deadline looming, and running out of fabric, I decided to just get on with it and figure it out.

Behold, the final 9 squares, some sewn, but all fabric cut, ready to be sewn together in the next month.

final quilt cuttings

At present it’s laid out on the carpet, so just imagine that all that brown colour is navy blue and we’re away. I’m not quite sure how I’ll do the hearts, but I have a feeling they’re closer to embroidery than patchwork, but will call Gran later to discuss.

So there we have it, final design and cutting for blocks done! Except for the front block, but I’ll think about that later. It took so much brain power to figure this out I had to have a 10 minute nap half way though. But I finally like all the fabrics together, you can see all the nice bright colours in the most colurful fabric, and it looks fun next to all the reds and blues too. Phew, I would have hated to have spent all this time on something for it to have ended up ugly.

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