Quillow block 5

If nothing else on the ’12 projects in 12 months’ gets completed, the quillow will. Oh yes it will! It may hurt my eyes to look at, as some of the blocks are a bit busy, but I will complete it, and I will be proud.

Here is block number 5, next to the other blocks. It’s laid out on the kitchen floor as it’s the only space big enough in our little flat. There’s a lot of red white going on, so I’ll be sure to make some of the other blocks more colourful.

Quillow 5 squares

Quillow 5 squares

In other news, the dinasour was coming along wonderfully until I ran out of wool. Then a succession of failed wool deliveries has meant that I have been without wool for weeks. I have been soooo desperate to get on with it as I’ve been really enjoying knitting once more. I haven’t been able to find anything else I really want to knit so can’t wait until this weekend when I should finally receive my wool package. Dino wool!!!

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