I learnt something about quilting!

I was very brave this evening, and got out my quillow fabric. I even used the iron! I was VERY careful about where I put it, and no more floors were damaged. Phew.

So, the last time I worked on my quillow, I was getting in a tangle with my triangles. I couldn’t work out how to make sure that they were all the right size and piece them together neatly. A bit of googling this evening led me to these posts:


This first one is pretty darn obvious once you start doing it. Make sure that every square is the right size after every press! Duh!


And this one taught me the correct size to cut my triangles in the first place. Turns out I didn’t leave a big enough seam allowance. So now I know. The triangles on my quillow for this square will be smaller than planned, but it will look fine.

I am mighty proud of the first half of this square:

half star block

It’s amazing how easily triangles come together with a bit of excess fabric to snip off! Shame my rubbish camera doesn’t take good snaps. It looks good in real life, I promise.

2 thoughts on “I learnt something about quilting!

  1. It’s 2:30 in the morning. I can not sleep. So if course I’m thinking of quilt patterns. So I grab my phone to go on line and found your website!!! I love it! Not only your endless great ideas, but you made me smile. And God knows I need that. I have a bunch of material to make chevon quilts and other quilts with same block pattern. I have been looking for the easiest way. I want a big pattern to make faster tops. If each cut square (after sewing the big block all the way around) ends up being 10 × 10 would I need to start with a 21 square for seams? Sorry I’m awful at math. Thanks again for being a blessing! Bonita

    • Hi, thanks for your lovely comment! I am absolutely the worst person to ask for quilt measurement advice as my recent quilt blocks are dramatically smaller than I intended them to be, due to poor counting/forward planning. My suggestion would be google – there’s always someone who’s got the answer, but right now, it ain’t me! Good luck x

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