The crafty feeling returned

Unfortunately, my clumsiness also returned. And I ended up burning the carpet with the iron. Urgh. But I am ever so happy with my first two squares of my quillow! I have yet to figure out the best light to photograph in..

quillow square 2

Churn dash

log cabin

log cabin



It was after pinning and starting to sew these snazzy stars together that I started to go a bit mad. I just cannot figure out how to get the triangles to the right size once sewn. I had just about decided to give up on the whole thing and have a cup of tea. But for some reason I decided to push on, and distracted, did not realise where exactly the iron was sat. So the iron burnt a hole in the floor, and now I’m a bit scared of handling hot heavy machinery for the time being. I’ve never liked ironing anyway!!! No, putting things off does not solve the situation so I will be a grown up and buy an ironing board and face up to the giant hole in the floor. And eventually, I will have a lovley quillow, which may be used to cover said hole for a while. 😦

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