I learnt something about quilting!

I was very brave this evening, and got out my quillow fabric. I even used the iron! I was VERY careful about where I put it, and no more floors were damaged. Phew.

So, the last time I worked on my quillow, I was getting in a tangle with my triangles. I couldn’t work out how to make sure that they were all the right size and piece them together neatly. A bit of googling this evening led me to these posts:


This first one is pretty darn obvious once you start doing it. Make sure that every square is the right size after every press! Duh!


And this one taught me the correct size to cut my triangles in the first place. Turns out I didn’t leave a big enough seam allowance. So now I know. The triangles on my quillow for this square will be smaller than planned, but it will look fine.

I am mighty proud of the first half of this square:

half star block

It’s amazing how easily triangles come together with a bit of excess fabric to snip off! Shame my rubbish camera doesn’t take good snaps. It looks good in real life, I promise.

Crochet blanket colours

The plan was to make a blanket inspired by one I had when I was younger. The reality is that I’ve seen lots of pretty blankets on Pinterest and I’m currently in love with daisy flower blankets.

Especially this purple one:

Tillie tulip purple crochet flower

Tillie tulip purple crochet flower


and the blue ones here:

sparkly toad blue

Which I found at https://thesparklytoad.wordpress.com/2014/02/25/granny-square-love/

and then these lovely multi coloured ones:

Color 'n cream Daisy travel blanket

Color ‘n cream Daisy travel blanket


So naturally, I bought some colours, which feature in all of these, but don’t put them together in quite the same way…

Crochet flower square with a lot of GREEN

Crochet flower square with a lot of GREEN

So…I feel that if I keep going like this I will end up with one very green blanket. I’m not sure quite how much I like green in soft furnishings. I’ll make a few more and see how I feel about it. I love how quick granny squares are to make, so it’s not the end of the world if I make a oodles of them in different colour combinations to get the perfect result!

The crafty feeling returned

Unfortunately, my clumsiness also returned. And I ended up burning the carpet with the iron. Urgh. But I am ever so happy with my first two squares of my quillow! I have yet to figure out the best light to photograph in..

quillow square 2

Churn dash

log cabin

log cabin



It was after pinning and starting to sew these snazzy stars together that I started to go a bit mad. I just cannot figure out how to get the triangles to the right size once sewn. I had just about decided to give up on the whole thing and have a cup of tea. But for some reason I decided to push on, and distracted, did not realise where exactly the iron was sat. So the iron burnt a hole in the floor, and now I’m a bit scared of handling hot heavy machinery for the time being. I’ve never liked ironing anyway!!! No, putting things off does not solve the situation so I will be a grown up and buy an ironing board and face up to the giant hole in the floor. And eventually, I will have a lovley quillow, which may be used to cover said hole for a while. 😦