12 months 12 projects: Update

I’ve finally had a moment of clarity and realised that I can’t get all of my 12 projects complete by August, because it’s just not realistic for me. So I’ve had a good think, and have come up with this list of things which seems perfectly do-able to me:

1. Make my own Quillow

Here’s my post about the Quillow of joy.

2. Knit a cushion cover

3. Knit a hat based on a TV character

COMPLETE FEB 2015 – Tyrese’s hat. It kinda honours his memory now though, sob.

4. Crochet baby booties

5. Sew some PJ’s

6. Crochet a blanket out of Granny squares 

7. Knit a dinosaur

8. Sew a pencil skirt

9. Sew a Dress

10. Knit a  jumper

11. Make a mini quilt featuring ‘flying geese’

12.Make something cosy with hexagons

So there we have it, a new list.


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