12 months 12 projects: Update

I’ve finally had a moment of clarity and realised that I can’t get all of my 12 projects complete by August, because it’s just not realistic for me. So I’ve had a good think, and have come up with this list of things which seems perfectly do-able to me:

1. Make my own Quillow

Here’s my post about the Quillow of joy.

2. Knit a cushion cover

3. Knit a hat based on a TV character

COMPLETE FEB 2015 – Tyrese’s hat. It kinda honours his memory now though, sob.

4. Crochet baby booties

5. Sew some PJ’s

6. Crochet a blanket out of Granny squares 

7. Knit a dinosaur

8. Sew a pencil skirt

9. Sew a Dress

10. Knit a  jumper

11. Make a mini quilt featuring ‘flying geese’

12.Make something cosy with hexagons

So there we have it, a new list.


Hat sucess

I don’t know about you, but we’re pretty excited about the return of ‘The Walking Dead’ this week. Since we’ve been watching the series, the boyfriend had taken a real liking to Tyreese’s hat. It’s just a black ribbed hat, so I said ‘No problem I can make you one of those!’.

I can’t remember how long ago I said this, probably a few months back…. I bought the wool back in October after a particularly rubbish afternoon spent with a bunch of young adults who did not want to speak to me. So to cheer myself up, I went and bought myself some lovely chunky black wool, some fat (size 6mm) needles and got cracking on the train home. For some reason I decided I’d do single rib as the wool was so fat. However, I found this really slow progress as all the swapping and changing was hurting my wrists. The mother and granmother have always told me off for knitting too tightly.  I eventually ran into trouble when I tried to work out how to decrease. And I’d dropped a stitch somewhere, so just after Christmas (I’m very good a procrastinating) I decided enough was enough and undid all my work so far, and decided to start again.

I went back to the original pattern I’d seen online and followed the rules pattern to the letter, even undoing work where it looked holey so that the hat was the best it could be! I made it slightly shorter than recommended as the hat my gran made for him was slightly too big, but it fitted perfectly. Hurray!

Here’s my first completed project for 2015 in all it’s glory:

WIll walking dead hat


Next up, I want a hat, scarf and gloves for myself which aren’t hideous. I am a fan of berets, but my favourite one has mysteriously vanished since living with the boyfriend. He wouldn’t hide/ throw my things  away would he? Would he???

Since this success, I got very excited about making myself a hat. But I did too much in one sitting and now have hurty wrists. No more knitting for me for a while. At least I can watch The Walking Dead without distraction now…