Every night IS craft night in 2015

…but that doesn’t mean that every craft night ends in success.

I have had to abandon TWO hat projects. One as I was getting to the shaping as I just couldn’t get the decreases right. I’d gone ‘off piste’ with the pattern I was using, which is something I am very bad for. I must STOP doing that! It’s only a black ribbed bobble hat for goodness sakes. I will be starting again and following the pattern the whole way through this time.

The second hat is an attempt to use up some beautiful purple wool, to crochet myself a lovely hat. However, I followed this pattern to the letter, but it’s just plain ugly. It was really pouffy. So I undid, and redid the hat, with less, er, hat. Well, less rounds and therefore less decreasing. But still, it was hideous. As the boyfriend described it ‘You’ve made a non waterproof shower cap’. NOT the look I as going for!

All I want is a nice hat and matching scarf that don’t make me look like a crazy person. So far, so not good.

In other ‘making’ news, I have been ambitiously reupholstering a chair with the boyfriend. I thoroughly enjoyed ripping out all of the staples. It was very satisfying! I have create a ‘mock up’ of the covers, which we got to fit, and am now in the process of making the  real covers fit. It’s going less well, but with a bit of elbow grease and a couple of alterations, all will be well.

I also attended my first craft night with a colleague of the boyfriend, and we embroidered! One of us (not me this time) stitched her embroidery to her leg, which was entertaining. I got a fair way through, and the finished work of art will be exhibited here soon. Promise.

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