Sewing box: official sewer

Look what my Mother got me for Christmas


My very own sewing box! This makes me feel like a real sewer.

The crochet book also came from her, the ‘As time goes by’ box set is from the boyfriend. It was on TV recently and I love it. Lionel and Jean are the cutest couple in the world, and I see a lot of myself in them (mainly the need for frequent naps and cups of tea. Ah, comedy about love in old age, pure joy).

Back to the sewing box though. I spent a wonderful morning sorting out my sewing kit and arranging it neatly inside. I may get even less sewing/ knitting/ crocheting done now though as I’ll just be gazing at the pretty purple pattern…


And, bonus for the boyfriend, he now knows where the super magnetic ‘pen’ is so that if he spies any pins on the floor, he can pick them up with ease and just poke them them into the top of the box. I only realised this week that it’s extendible, and it’s almost as long as my leg, look:

magicenaslongasmyleg magicpenwithpins

I love all of the amazing implements you can buy to make your sewing better. All sorts of different pins and needles, the extendable pin finder, and the rotary cutter and I even have a quilters quarter. And the most exciting thing is that I know what to do with all of them now!


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