How did we make it to October already?!

Well now, I have been a bad blogger. A whole month with no words!

It’s not for lack of crafting though. Although, I am unsuprised to have found myself going off-piste with some of my creative endeavors…

Not too wildly though. The crochet blanket has begun, but I became overwhelmed with wool choices when I popped into the local haberdashery and ended up choosing a selection of blues and greys for the granny square quilt. When in doubt, I always seem to opt for blues – they seem to be the most neutral, without being boring. I painted my bedroom blue last year, and we have a blue sofa. After this, I will make no more blue home furnishing decisions otherwise it will be like living underwater! Apart from a cushion I want to make, which is blue with clouds on. Oh. Maybe I’ll put that in the bedroom.

I have been busily crocheting, as you can see from the photo below:


The purple and pink squares are the first attempts at granny squares, using whatever wool I would find, and the blues and greys will be the real blanket.

On the left (although they’ve been cropped) are some attempts at some different granny squares, which I learnt on holiday. Unfortunately, the colours I had available didn’t do them justice so it’s probably best that they can’t be seen in full! However, I’ll put up links to both designs in a bit, as they’re quite pretty when done properly.

Looking at this photo, I can see why the boyfriend feels he’s stuck in a crochet nightmare at the moment!


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