Crochet hearts

Every night has been crafts night…in my head of late. How do these dedicated crafters stick to just one project?

I tried (and failed) to read a crochet pattern on how to make a little heart, so have instead located this nifty little video:

which seems pretty straight forward.

There has been another engagement announcement, so I’m hoping to create a crafty card in honour of the occasion!


Winter is coming…

Well, I’ve started knitting a scarf. And it’s pretty stormy out there this morning!

I got my sewing box out last night with the intention of crocheting. But I had mislaid my crochet hook. How on earth I have managed this I don’t know, but I shall be purchasing a replacement this evening. 

Then I wanted to make a new pillow case, but for the life of me I couldn’t decide on a design.

So knitting it had to be. 

A quick google located this rather simple, but pretty scarf:

Staggered Rib Scarf

And here’s how far I’ve come in an hour or so (while watching ‘In the club’. Very emotional.):

purple ribbed scarf 1


I’ve noticed that my staggered ribs have started to go the other way, something which I shall endeavor to correct. I notice from the comments below that this has happened to another poster, so fingers crossed can sort quite easily.

It’s birthday time soon and I’ve requested some sewing and knitting books from my family as I just can’t make a decision when I’m in the bookshop: there are just too many pretty books to choose from!

Granny square

I made my first crochet Granny square! I made it this very morning, with a little help from this lovely lady’s blog:

Crochet Cabana

And here are both my first (ran out of wool & a lot of mistakes) and second (still not perfect, but getting there):

crochet red

Crochet purple


Naturally, the boyfriend doesn’t like crochet and is not keen on my creating a multicoloured crochet blanket for the flat….but he can just look away as I get snuggly under my rainbow coloured granny blanket this winter.