Craft night!

I had been looking forward to the WI meeting all month as we would be getting the chance to learn to crochet and embroider! We would also be potato printing, but I foolishly thought that I’d be good at that as I’d done so much at primary school. Turns out, if you don’t practice a skills, then you may end up being rubbish at it, even if it is potato printing.

It was a bit of a whistle stop tour of all three crafts, but it definitely gave me a taste of embroidery. I learnt that you actually sew with the hoop the other way up than I’d imagined:

embroidery loop

You can just about make out my lovely hand drawn flower. I learnt to do a ‘split stitch’, which is exactly what it says – you make a stitch, go back on yourself, and make the next stitch through the previous stitch. I got about half way round the border of the petals, then it was time to move on. When I retrieve my work of art from my friend’s bag, I will continue my little flower, and one day it will be displayed in my home, in a location when the boyfriend cannot see it. Apparently he doesn’t like embroidery. Does he even know what it is?

Then it was on to potato printing. Actually, I may have been lying when I said that it is a skill that required practicing. It’s more that I needed to be able to envision my ‘design’ before putting potato to canvas. And realising that the amazing pink paint was nearly all gone, thus making a striking pink/ purple/ blue bag impossible. Also the ‘I’ in ‘W I’ really needs to be a capital, as now my bag looks like I’m promoting a certain games console:

WI bag

But look at the joyous mess of the table!

potato printing

And finally, it was the one I’d been waiting for. Lead WI crafter was leading the crochet, and had managed to convince me with her clever words, that crochet was going to change my life. I was ready.

It took me quite some time to get my head around the act of creating something from wool using one needle! After years of gripping onto my knitting needles too tightly (I know Gran, I’m trying to be better at this), to just have one needle in my hand really threw me. But once I got to grips with the act of wrapping and slipping or whatever it’s called, I crafted this rather fetching snake of loops:

Crochet snake

Despite the teeny tiny photos, you can see that 1. it is a nice long snake and 2. I’m not especially accomplished at crochet so far! However, I was so inspired, the next day, I got on youtube and started to try to figure out what the meaning of ‘treble stitch’ was. And it wasn’t easy, but I eventually found a tutorial. I got a small way, but it’s mostly a circle of messy knots at present. I shall be attending the next Stitch n Bitch night and am determined to have a full ‘Granny square’ by the end of it.

When I re-find said video, I will link to it, because I will probably need to find it in a hurry in the future when I’ve forgotten what I’m doing!

So there we go, after this amazing evening of craftspiration, I am even more craft-invigorated and ready to start (and finish) some more projects! Hurray for WI!


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