Wednesday nights are my faourite

Wednesdays have been the most fun days for me for the past few weeks. I have been doing some volunteering at lunch times, which has been so much fun, dressmaking in the evenings, which has been super dooper, and then coming home to relax in front of ‘One born every minute’. What could be better?

The lunchtime volunteering has ended, now that school term is over, so I shall have to find some other way to share my love of literature with the young folks.

I’ve got one or two dress making classes left, so I’d better get a stitch on if I want my dress to be anywhere near completion by the end of this month!

However shall I fill my Wednesdays now that (most) of my fun times have ended? I know….by finishing all the other crafty bits n bobs I’ve started recently.

Here’s the oven glove (a few loose ends to sort out)

oven glove nearing vcompletion

One cushion (one more to complete this evening)

pillow in progress

striped pillow

And the beginnings of another cushion cover…

patchwork pillow in progess

And finally, here’s my chair wearing a lot of lovely fabrics 

fabric covered chair


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