Latest craftings

Since I last posted I have not quite managed to complete anything, but I have moved forward with a number of my projects. 

My oven glove is now shaped like a glove, and tomorrow morning I plan to sew the fabric sandwich together. Fingers crossed by the end of the day I will have an oven glove. A liberty print over glove no less! Here are fabrics I’m using:Image

I had originally planned to make a cushion cover with them, thinking that it would look lovely with a red or green chesterfield setee, however, once I’d made the log cabin cushion top, I decided that it didn’t quite work. Instead of pulling it apart I thought it would look super cool as an over glove instead. 

I also plan to finish this cushion cover I started a few months back.

My dress making course is going well, although I do feel like the dunce of the class. I think this is mostly because my dress pattern is not as easy as my tutor and I initially thought it would be. Still, it’s better to face these challenges with an experienced seamstress to hand than on my own with a Youtube video for help!

I also bought myself a pair of really fat knitting needles so that I can knit myself a winter scarf with the beautiful purple wool I bought years ago. Just trying to work out what I want it to look like. I was thinking moss stitch, but it doesn’t look very good on the test piece I’ve made. I will persevere.


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