I have just started this blog because I have become addicted to buying fabric, and not quite addicted enough to making things to justify my purchasing. I hope that by  making every night a craft night I will inspire myself to make things with my newly acquired fabrics and maybe even finally get good at sewing!

Crafts I am currently working on include: cushion covers, a patchwork quilt, a scrap book, Birthday cards, and bunting . Future crafts are likely to include: anything to do with glitter, knitting and dressmaking – I am starting a dress making course next week.

It’s all very exciting! But it’s all a bit technical too, and I am a mixture of over enthusiastic (biting off more than I can chew!) and over cautious (scared to start anything in case I ruin my beautiful fabric/ yarn/ paper etc). The result = lots of half finished bits and bobs piled up in my living room. This makes me and the boyfriend unhappy. Me because I see so much potential in the mess, him mostly because it looks untidy.



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