Latest craftings

Since I last posted I have not quite managed to complete anything, but I have moved forward with a number of my projects. 

My oven glove is now shaped like a glove, and tomorrow morning I plan to sew the fabric sandwich together. Fingers crossed by the end of the day I will have an oven glove. A liberty print over glove no less! Here are fabrics I’m using:Image

I had originally planned to make a cushion cover with them, thinking that it would look lovely with a red or green chesterfield setee, however, once I’d made the log cabin cushion top, I decided that it didn’t quite work. Instead of pulling it apart I thought it would look super cool as an over glove instead. 

I also plan to finish this cushion cover I started a few months back.

My dress making course is going well, although I do feel like the dunce of the class. I think this is mostly because my dress pattern is not as easy as my tutor and I initially thought it would be. Still, it’s better to face these challenges with an experienced seamstress to hand than on my own with a Youtube video for help!

I also bought myself a pair of really fat knitting needles so that I can knit myself a winter scarf with the beautiful purple wool I bought years ago. Just trying to work out what I want it to look like. I was thinking moss stitch, but it doesn’t look very good on the test piece I’ve made. I will persevere.

I has been crafting

But I can’t put up any photographic evidence yet…

I am working on a ‘Hen do’ book for a bride to be! It’s a lot of fun, but also a lot of pressure as I am collating photo’s and notes which capture her nearest and dearest’s memories (oops, almost write ‘mammaries’ – although there are a few of them evidenced in photographs) of her. The thing I’m really finding difficult is my section – how do I sum up a friendship of over 10 years in 3 pages? I could take the easy road and just give her my own ‘book of joy’ which captures our amazing adventures of our  teens, but that would be cheating, and we’ve experienced a whole lot of ups and downs since then! 

However, I fear that I am putting too much pressure on myself and that she will love it because I will have the power of surprise on my side, and if I give it to her on her wedding day (morning) she’ll be so giddy with excitement she won’t notice that I dropped the prit stick on the front cover by accident late one night in a crafting frenzy. All being well, this little slip will conjure memories of our A Level art and all of the hilarity that ensued during those hideous years…

The title of this marvelous book will be entitled ‘Flower to flower’. The reason being, when we went to pick her wedding dress (I feel to special to have been invited along, even though it was only because I happened to be working nearby, but still, what a lovely experience!) she pretended to be holding a bouquet of flowers while wearing said dress, as a way of making herself look more bride like than she already did. However, she was holding the flowers too high up, in a way that is unflattering for the arms and looks a bit awkward (but when you’re holding a bunch of flowers feels quite normal). The lovely bride shop lady re-positioned her arms in a far more relaxed and flattering position, and told her that the best way to remember how to hold the bouquet is to keep it over your lady bits, or, if you want a more lady like way to describe it,  ‘flower to flower’. We thought this was hilarious, and we will ALWAYS remember how to hold a bouquet appropriately in future. How on earth has this amazing piece of wisdom never appeared on any wedding blog I’ve come across? 

As one of he bridesmaids, I really hope that I manage to reign in the giggles on the day as I am pretty sure that this will pop into my mind as soon as I see the bride walking down that aisle!

So far, so good

Every night IS craft night so far! It’s been two days and I’ve managed to make a good start on two crafty projects. Actually, it’s even better than that – I’ve continued with two craft projects which I’ve been meaning to do for ages.

Firstly, an oven glove, based upon this tutorial :

And secondly, a mini quilt / cushion cover, depending on how it turns out, inspired by this delightful blog:

Whoop whoop! If I can stay motivated, I might have an oven glove by the end of the week. (Book group tomorrow might put a spanner in the works, but if I don’t drink too much wine I can get a bit of snipping done if nothing else. Roll on craft life!)

Photos will follow!


I have just started this blog because I have become addicted to buying fabric, and not quite addicted enough to making things to justify my purchasing. I hope that by  making every night a craft night I will inspire myself to make things with my newly acquired fabrics and maybe even finally get good at sewing!

Crafts I am currently working on include: cushion covers, a patchwork quilt, a scrap book, Birthday cards, and bunting . Future crafts are likely to include: anything to do with glitter, knitting and dressmaking – I am starting a dress making course next week.

It’s all very exciting! But it’s all a bit technical too, and I am a mixture of over enthusiastic (biting off more than I can chew!) and over cautious (scared to start anything in case I ruin my beautiful fabric/ yarn/ paper etc). The result = lots of half finished bits and bobs piled up in my living room. This makes me and the boyfriend unhappy. Me because I see so much potential in the mess, him mostly because it looks untidy.