12 months 12 projects

In 2014, I set myself the challenge of completing 12 projects in 12 months. Throughout the year, it changed a little, some things got removed, some things were completed, other things got done instead. 12 months on, I have not finished all of the project (in fact, less than half!) but I’m happy with what I’ve done as I’ve learned a lot, from how slow I really am at making things, to picking up some new patchwork and knitting tricks. I’ve created two gifts for people I love and have a few requests for future gifts too! Am now trying to plan 2015/16 projects, keeping in mind how much I can reasonably achieve in a year. I have enjoyed having a mix of projects to work on, and while I haven’t become the dressmaker extraordinaire I was hoping to become, I have re-discovered the joy of knitting and become a bit obsessed with quilts. Who knew!?

This is how it began…

I have just turned 29 and feel that this is a good year to knuckle down and get some ‘proper’ crafting done. And by ‘proper’ I mean, start some grown up sized projects, and see it them through to the end, instead of starting loads of mini things and not finishing them.

I hope that by setting myself this challenge, and actually deciding on the specifics of the projects in advance, I will stop flitting about going from one idea to the next without completion.

That’s the idea anyway.

When I started writing this post, I didn’t think that I had enough ideas, but it turns out I have plenty. I even have the pattern for most of them too.

UPDATE Now it’s February 2015, and I haven’t got a lot done when it comes to these 12 projects, so I’ve had a redesign of the 12 in 12 months to make it a bit more realistic.

Here is my list:

1. Make my own Quillow

This is staying on the list!

For anyone who doesn’t know, a quillow is a quilt and a pillow in one. It’s basically a quilt with a pocket on the back, into which the quilt can be folded to make it into a pillow. I think it’s genius.

Here’s my post about the Quillow of joy.

2. Knit a cushion cover

Because I’ve been meaning to knit one forever and also intended to knit a cushion cover about 3 years ago and didn’t. I have a pattern for this in a book mum bought for me a few years ago. It’s made in chunky wool, so should be really easy, hurray!

3. Complete the scarf I recently started making 

Knit a hat based on a TV character

COMPLETE FEB 2015 – Tyrese’s hat. It kinda honours his memory now though, sob.

4. Baby booties!

5. Sew some PJ’s

I’ve been after a pair of lovely PJ’s for a while, but I can’t find any I like in the shops, so I thought I’d make some myself. I treated myself to an actual pattern as I want a shirt and trousers pair, and I can even learn to do ‘piping’. If I go really crazy, I can make the boyfriend a matching set!

I am sooooo excited about this as I love pyjamas more than anything in the world (aside from glitter), and I bought some lilac gingham to make them. Can’t wait for the weekend!

6. Crochet a blanket out of Granny squares

This is remaining on thes list, all I have to do is buy wool and crack on.

This will be inspired by the one I had when I was little. I loved it dearly, but sadly it was eaten by a naughty hamster. A brownie uniform also ended this way along with some duvet covers and towels.

The main thing I remember about this was that it was very colourful but with an emphasis on yellow and purple. For this one all I need to do is select the type of wool I want and get crocheting. I know that it was made for me by a patient of my dad’s, which is extremely sweet, and at the time I had no idea how much time and effort would have gone in to making such a thing.

7. Knit a dinosaur

Definitely needs to be done.

Again, something I said I would do 2 – 3 years ago. I did start this, but foolishly decided that I would make it at 50% of the pattern size. This didn’t work out. I saw the book during a trip to the National History Museum and my dear old Grandma bought it for me as a present. Here’s a link to the book. I shall be making the Triceratops for a friend. Her nephew is now around 5 and has a little brother, so hopefully one of them will be young enough to appreciate it once it’s finally complete!

I have a few bits of colourful wool that will work for this.

8. Sew a Pencil skirt

Pattern in the ‘Sewing bee’ book. Need to print it out and buy fabric and then I’m off.

9. Sew a Dress

I will complete the one I am making and start a new one in the new year.

10. Knit a cardigan or jumper

I think there’s a suitable pattern in the other new knitting book I got for my Birthday.

11. Make a mini quilt featuring ‘flying geese’

The tutorial is from Purl Bee and can be found here

12. Make a quilt of hexagons  Make something cosy with hexagons

No. While I made a start , I have (finally) come to the sensible conclusion that I will never get this finished in a year.

I’m going to harness the power of hexagons and turn it into a  hot water bottle cover. Hurray for being stylishly warm and snuggly!

Things I’ve taken out to do later

Knit something in fairisle & Knit or crochet a pair of socks

I’m moving these lovelies to winter as I might be knitted out by the time I complete my jumper and dinosaur, especially if my knitter’s wrists after last week are anything to go by!

Whoop whoop – let’s get making!

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